GRF Davos donates 2800 rides on a bicycle ambulance in Northern Mozambique to provide quick access to professional medical assistance

The Global Risk Forum Davos GRF Davos has made a donation of 50 rides on a bicycle ambulance in the north of Mozambique on behalf of each plenary speaker at the 2nd GRF One Health Summit 2013 to support the the projects of SolidarMed, Switzerland. All together the Plenary Speakers have donated 2800 rides on a bicycle ambulance.

The Project of SolidarMed

In the north of Mozambique, most people live further than 10 kilometers from the nearest health center. Due to the lack of transportation people often have to walk for more than one hour to get medical assistance. For pregnant women with complications that may be fatal. Thanks to the bicycle ambulance from SolidarMed patients can be brought quickly to the nearest health facility, where they get professional medical assistance.