Keynote I: David Butler Jones

David Butler-Jones discussed the need to transcend borders. He argued that One Health can be as big as one wants it to be, or as narrow. The important thing is not to miss the fundamental issues. There is a need to discuss economics, but in a wider sense, not merely in terms of the cost of epidemics. Economics are a barometer for the level of faith in institutions. In technical terms, greater professionalism, interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge of diseases has helped avoid a repetition of the 1918-19 pandemic situation. One Health helps make sense of a complex environment, not a simple agent-host-vector relationship. It does not supplant our disciplinary approaches but it opens up new vistas and helps us "think outside the box" and ask new questions.

Watch the video recording of David Butler Jones' keynote below:

GRF Davos One Health Summit 2012: Keynote Dr. David Butler Jones from GRForum on Vimeo.